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The Benefits of Working with Vinimaya: Free Advertising for Suppliers
Vinimaya provides a flexible catalog marketplace that allows our customers to shop supplier content in their preferred method–within the Vinimaya Marketplace or via your punchout catalog site. We make certain your products and services are easy for our common customers to find and procure so that you can maximize your business opportunities. Joining our supplier network is free and we make it easy to collaborate with us in serving our customer base. 

What We Do:
Vinimaya provides easy access to your catalog content via our eProcurement Marketplace solution using our patented universal (cross-catalog) search technologies. We make it easy for our customers’ end users to quickly search and shop the entire approved supply base through a simple, user-friendly interface. This provides less time and less frustration finding the right products and services they are seeking. We also provide advanced tools for our customers to highlight and rank preferred suppliers and products. If your company provides a punchout catalog, we make that available to our customers, allowing them to take advantage of any specific functionality that you offer directly on your site (configurators, quoting, advanced product information, etc.).   

Vinimaya Recommended Supplier Program:
The Vinimaya Recommended Supplier Program promotes suppliers that provide the highest levels of integration with our Marketplace. Any supplier that provides a direct API or a Vinimaya Catalog XML feed is eligible for this program. There is no cost, however this special designation is reserved for those suppliers that are willing to partner with us to provide the best catalog experience for our common customers.   

Hosting a Catalog with Vinimaya:
Vinimaya provides the following methods of onboarding supplier catalogs:  

- Direct API Connection
- Vinimaya Catalog XML Feed
– cXML/OCI punch-out connection
– Automated FTP flat file upload
– Manual upload via Excel

Read our Supplier FAQ
To get started, download our interactive Supplier Onboarding Form (PDF). Please use the Contact Us fields below for assistance. 

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